Love at first sight!

Love at first sight!

Well its been a while since my last post but its so exciting I just had to share the news, we have a lovely labrador puppy named Annie, she is gorgeous.

Better not chase these birds, mum and dad will be cross!

Better not chase these birds, mum and dad will be cross!

 Our pup has her own facebook page. If you want to have a peek follow this link:-!/AnnieCorrieMarshmellow

There are so many things happening after a slow start to the year due to the weather. One of my Bird boxes has a pair of Jackdaws nesting there and we have chicks today from the five eggs, look out for pictures  and updates over the coming weeks. We also have nesting Starlings for the first time and our resident Blackbirds strike again. We watched a pair of Goldfinches build a nest in the garden, I’m so pleased I love them. Bye for now.

New Born Jackdaw Chicks

New Born Jackdaw Chicks

Hi again. The Swallows have fledged but still use the chicken house as a roost, waiting for me to open up each morning, I’ll miss them when they fly off to a warmer climate. We became excited yesterday noticing activity near our Bird Box Camera as a Great Tit and a Robin started jumping around in the trees, it was then I saw the Nuthatch, a common visitor, flying into the Bird Box, I quickly turned it on and Julie got the shot and again as it flew out. Take a look at one of my favourite Birds.

We have Swallow chicks now, they are too small to photograph but I will try over the next few days. The Bluetit will be Fledging over the weekend as they seem fully grown. There is a new visitor to the Bird feeder, a Pheasant, he is quite tame  when there are a few seeds to encourage him.

I think the mystery is solved, the other nest is a chaffinch, it is prbably too high for the Robin anyway. It is the 16th and the Blue Tit chicks are growing every day, they have lots more feathers than the last post, maybe another 6 days before they fledge. I have recently moved a camera to one of my Bird feeders, I will post some photos soon, it is a really busy place, there will be some good shots. Bye for now.

Today is the 14th June, the chicks are now 9 or 10 days old and  thriving with the adults keeping them well fed. I have just discovered 2 more nests in the garden, a Dunnock with blue eggs and a Robin, the eggs are creamy white with reddish specks any ideas? The Swallow is sitting on eggs so more chicks soon.

It’s been a while but look  what’s happened with with our Blue Tit family, a clutch of 5 eggs hatched over the last 4 days and they are fine, Mum and Dad are very attentive. We also have some eggs in the Swallows nest so we can expect some new arrivals in the next few weeks.

We have recently had a couple from Stroud, the Thatchers, stay with us who were enthralled with the Bird Box activity. We spent many hours watching and managed to even see the female Blue Tit scare off a Greater Spotted Woodpecker by making a hissing sound as the Woodpecker tapped at the birdbox.We have posted a photo of the chicks for you to see, they do look ugly, their eyes have not yet opened. Please look again in a few days to see their progress.

It is now 18th May and we have much activity in the garden with our Blue Tit frantically building it’s nest in our nest box cam which she slept in on the 16th and 17th, should be eggs soon. We have installed a cam in my chicken shed as there are a pair of Swallows nesting,  it makes great evening viewing as they begin to roost. I located a Long Tailed Tit nest in a gorse bush near to my front window, watching it hover before swooping into the bush was amazing. It is so exciting this spring with all the new lives being created and so many butterflies dancing around on the recent abundance of flowers in the garden.

Hi there, we successfully observed  four Robins being reared and flying away in about 2 weeks as they left the nest on Saturday the 7th May. We are now looking forward to another brood later on in the season. We have repositioned the Blue Tit bird box as it wasn’t suitable and have already had a pair of the Blue Tits checking it and putting in a few feathers  on 11/05/11.

We have recently had a meeting with the Coalfield Environment Initiative to promote Glenafton as a tourist destination with Wildlife, Walking, Mounting biking and Heritage at it’s heart. Promoting B&B for Birds and Tom Wilsons West and Wild we hope to offer nature to prospective clients trying to increase Ayrshires attraction.

Hi everyone, we have 4 Robin chicks born today 22nd April, it’s a lovely sunny Good Friday. Take a look at our new editions with their mohicans and gapping mouths. We are hoping to see some more with our blue tit box later on. We will post regular updates of their progress.

Blue Tit in nesting box

We have more activity,  2 more eggs in the nest box, but thats not all,  we have a second box with a welcome visitor. A Blue Tit appears to be building its nest with some strange behaviour, pushing small amounts of feathers into the corner of the box with some cool dancing moves, it is funny.

Blue Tits funny nest making dance

Woweee, 2 eggs today the sixth of April, mother must be feeding, maybe more to come, keep looking for updates.

It’s working, the B&B for Birds has it’s first visitor, a male Robin. He is putting leaves into the bird box. We have installed C.C.T.V. So we can view the activity  as they prepare for their new family.There are other boxes with C.C.T.V. but as yet no visitors. I have the idea of uploading the footage to our blog  so it can be viewed live or through a video link, keep looking for more info. We have seen Nuthatches, Goldcrests, Brambling, Goldfinches, Greenfinches, Long tailed tits, the usual Chaffinches and Great tits plus many more in the garden this year.  We have seen Oystercatchers and Curlew further up the Afton Valley, so it’s all good so let’s look forward to a ”productive’ year.

Well it’s March already and our Garden Birds are very busy, the Greater Spotted Woodpecker is pecking at the local trees and the Long Tailed Tits are visiting the bird feeders in their flocks. The Bird boxes are going up and with the c.c.t.v. installed. I’m hoping to be enlightened into the activity that goes on inside their homes. If anyone has any ideas then I would appreciate any tips on birding to create the right atmosphere and surroundings. I’m looking forward to the new breeding season and all the chicks fledging. Anyone interested would be welcome to comment, bye for now.

Hi folks, a New Year is here, lets get started on a new project. Tom Wilson gave us an idea that we could incorporate into our B&B, offering the Bird population a home. As part of an ongoing project we are proposing that we set up a number of Bird Boxes (homes) with C.C.T.V. so we can offer an insight to our guests into the nesting habits of our feathered friends. The hope is that maybe Owls, Kestrels or Woodpeckers could be our first visitors. Anticipating  investment and funding from local wildlife  we could expand and put out more boxes and encourage more visitors. Updates will be available periodically so keep looking and you may feel encouraged to visit our B&B and see the progress  for yourself. All the best for 2011 and hope to see you soon.

Alistair and Julie feel absolutely blessed living within the rolling hills of New Cumnock. Continually being surprised with the abundance of wildlife in their garden here they take the opportunity to show you some of their amazing visitors.

On the morning of the 18th of June our guest was a self proclaimed twitcher. That morning he heard a Willow Warbler and a Greater Spotted Woodpecker.

Female Goldfinch 24th April 2010
Goldfinch 24th April 2010
Willow Warbler