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We are fortunate enough to have lovely people managing Glenafton Caravan Park, which is a little further up the road from our B&B. Anne and Philip have made great improvements inside the pub, which now boasts a lovely function room and provides seasonal entertainment. The Sunday lunch is always hearty and very reasonably priced.

Now Anne and Philip have gone further with their improvements. They are in the process of sorting out the drainage on the road so a new road can be laid and they have cleared many fallen trees to make a very attractive walk into the woodland above the park, where there’s lots to discover.2015-01-29 10.33.55 2015-01-29 10.35.13 2015-01-29 10.36.06 2015-01-29 10.36.17 2015-01-29 10.37.01 2015-01-29 10.39.54

The area surrounding our B&B, Glenafton is one of outstanding natural beauty. We encourage you to take a short break here and enjoy all the area has to offer.


Last year we had our first eggs from our new Call ducks, they were great for baking, but a little too small for fried eggs, the white was a wee bit blue and there was not much of it. So I made lots of sponge cakes. Later in the season our Call ducks decided that they wanted to reproduce and laid their eggs in hard to reach places. We were successful at rearing the little beauties, they were much loved by children visiting the nearby caravan site. The yellow ducklings turned into white Call ducks, the brown and yellow ones turned into mallards and the yellow and grey ones turned into beige Call ducks.

This year now our ducklings are fully grown they have started laying eggs of their own. Some of the ducklings on the left were hatched in May and their eggs were laid in the first week of March. So at just ten months they are fully productive. As you can see from the photo on the right our rescue hens are still laying well and producing large brown  eggs, which are a feature of our hearty breakfasts.

Eggs glorious eggs at Afton Water B&B

These are the first duck eggs of the season

Our ducklings now fully grown

Our ducklings now fully grown


Click this link to read some really great reviews on Tripadvisor:-

Trip Advisor Reviews

Thank you to all of our B&B guests that take the time to review our B&B. With your help we are steadily growing as a business. One caller said recently; ‘I’ve seen all the lovely reviews on trip advisor, and I would like to book in myself based on the reviews’.

Hope you enjoy reading  what real guests say about our service,

Kindest Regards Julie

Britain’s Hidden Heritage


Prince Charles talks about how he helped save Dumfries house and what a treasure it is. Ayrshire is a great place to visit, especially with the beautiful landscapes, interesting wildlife sightings, the  Burn’s Corridor and now the added attraction of Dumfries House. Book your accommodation with us and enjoy 20% discounted prices when you stay for three or more nights. Call Julie or Alistair : 01290 332548

We have just had a wonderful couple stay with us, who were thrilled to stay here right in the middle of Burns country. Although the couple came from further a field, they had family connections with this area and were attending a wedding at Lochside House Hotel, just on the outskirts of New Cumnock, sandwiched between Cumnock and New Cumnock on the A76.

We gave the couple a lift down to the wedding venue and ordered a local taxi for them to come back, which was more cost-effective that the hotel ordering one from Cumnock.

I do love it when guests enjoy the books we have gathered about the local area. One such book called ‘Lost Aryshire’ had a picture of a church that our guest used to attend with her mum when she was a child. Unfortunately it is no longer there, but the couple did visit Afton Reservoir, which was something the family used to do for a treat, when the children were younger.

Oil Painting of the new road Glen Afton by artist Julie H Winter

Afton Res a great vista in all seasons

Glen Afton Burn by Julie H Winter

We have a new addition to our family of chucks. Up to now we have called our new chick – Chick, but we are open to suggestions for a more inventive name. We don’t know yet if Chick is a baby boy or girl; take a look at the latest picture of Chick and Mum Dotty to see if you can tell.

Dotty and Chick

Chick was born on 23rd May 2010. Mum, Dotty looks after Chick all the time. On the first day we saw mum teaching baby Chick how to find a worm and scratch about for other tasty grubs. By day three Dotty was teaching Chick to have a dry dirt bath! By the end of July we will have a new brood of chicks from a school living egg project. Join us to see their progress.

Thomas Wilson BA(Hons) has started a new business taking people in small groups out to see wildlife in the local area. Thomas comes from Auckinleck, just a few miles away from New Cumnock and has a vast in depth knowledge of wildlife in and around the west of Scotland.

Thomas Wilson discussing differences in deer skulls.

Thomas has developed a business for those interested in learning more about wildlife, how to track wildlife, record evidence of wildlife and develop their own sensitive collection of found items that will interest their family for years to come.

Badger watching and Bat watching are on the agenda for interested groups. To find out more about Thomas , his interests, the activities you can take part in and see his extremely detailed art work developed to record his findings then browse his blog at : –

Extended stays at our B & B are discounted, enabeling you to take advantage of all the activities on offer, including adventures with Thomas Wilson, art activities in house, and the many attractions that Ayrshire has to offer.

Thomas Wilson's photographic evidence of tracking otters, while on Seal Island.

Open to the public, we offer a chance to buy original works of art. The exhibition starts on the 6th April. During each weekday we are open for business between 2pm and 4.30pm. There are two weekends when people can come along on Saturday and Sunday between 10.30am and 5pm. The exhibition ends on the 18th April 2010.

For this exhibition I have created watercolour, oils and acrylics of the local area animals  and the around at spring time. Some paintings depict the journey from the A66 up to Scotland.  I have also handpainted onto silk. The subject matter was the local dam and a frozen waterfall.

This frozen waterfall is about 10 miles away.

Do you want to enjoy painting / drawing or painting on silk with us?

Call Julie Winter to discuss your requirements: 01290 332548

Scroll to the bottom of this page to explore pricing options.

In the art studio there are ample materials which will appeal to artists of different levels of ability. Whatever your preference we have a wide selection of materials to entise you such as: oil or acrylic paint with brushes or pallet knives, watercolour and silk paints. There is a sewing machine for machine embroidery.

Julia said' I have loved every minute of my art experience'

I enjoyed the relaxed, fun and creative environment.

The immediate environment is totally inspirational and there are many places of interest to visit with your own digital camera. The B & B laptop can be attached to the TV to view your  images. The laptop reads SD Cards.

Inspirational local walks offer stimulus.

A view from the studio window.

Julia was proud to create her third pallet knife painting.

A quick demonstration by tutor Julie Winter

The B & B doubles as a gallery where visitors can display their work alongside previous guests’ artwork.

Julie prides herself on finding the right stimulus for her clients.

Julie an artist herself will be on hand to support your art interests. Depending on your needs she can give appropriate tuition and demonstrate techniques you might like to try.

Each individual full day costs £100. This price includes, tuition and support, meals and one night’s accommodation.  The materials  provided within the price will support the average appetite for productivity, however, should an artist have a very prolific style of working, more materials can be purchaced.  Each day the breakfast room doubles as a studio, which is ready for artists to use from 10.30am – 12.30pm. After a light lunch, studio time recommences until 4.30pm. After your evening meal there is time to relax and reflect on the activities of the day. Participants who wish to enjoy a glass of wine will find a wide selection can be purchaced locally.

For those who want to develop their skills and enjoy a full week we have a discounted price of £600, which gives you one completely free day. This option includes a trip into Glasgow to visit the city centre galleries.

To pastures new 1882-3 By James Guthrie on of The Glasgow Boys.

Other guests accompanying you who do not use the art facilities will be charged at the rate of £25.00 per person per night, which includes breakfast. Meals are charged at £10.00 for two courses and £15.00 for three courses.

Art for all ages and abilities.

The art experience is family friendly. Children are welcome to join in with the art activities when accompanied by an adult. Children under 12 can experience art in the house at a cost of £30.00 per day plus and over twelve’s will be charged £50.00 to be involved with the art experience. Their work can complement interests from their schools or be brand new experiences. These prices include meals.

Children staying for the bed and breakfast only incur a cost of £10 under twelve and £25.00 twelve and over. A two course meal costs £7.50 for children under twelve.

Call:01290 332548 and ask to speak to Julie to discuss your needs.

Alistair’s pal, Tony Brown eagerly came for a second visit to our humble home and welcoming Bed and breakfast. He was really looking forward to walking up the ‘mountains’ as he called them. An exceptional bonus was the white stuff. The snow had fallen during the night and made Glen Afton look like a winter wonderland. Alistair and Tony set off to conquer their second hill and put another notch on their own made staffs. They came back thrilled to have experienced the ‘Top of the World’, as Tony put it. We hope that other walkers will come and take equal delight in the feast of outdoor experiences to behold in our idylic setting.

'You can't buy this view!'