Last year we had our first eggs from our new Call ducks, they were great for baking, but a little too small for fried eggs, the white was a wee bit blue and there was not much of it. So I made lots of sponge cakes. Later in the season our Call ducks decided that they wanted to reproduce and laid their eggs in hard to reach places. We were successful at rearing the little beauties, they were much loved by children visiting the nearby caravan site. The yellow ducklings turned into white Call ducks, the brown and yellow ones turned into mallards and the yellow and grey ones turned into beige Call ducks.

This year now our ducklings are fully grown they have started laying eggs of their own. Some of the ducklings on the left were hatched in May and their eggs were laid in the first week of March. So at just ten months they are fully productive. As you can see from the photo on the right our rescue hens are still laying well and producing large brown  eggs, which are a feature of our hearty breakfasts.

Eggs glorious eggs at Afton Water B&B

These are the first duck eggs of the season

Our ducklings now fully grown

Our ducklings now fully grown